MagicAWRT is a 6in1 Apple Watch adapter which is working with Apple Watch Series 0 - 6

Device Support

The MagicAWRT supports Apple Watch Series 0 - 6, which makes it very efficient in usage. You don't need to buy an Adapter for every model.

Our adapters support entering DFU mode with ease.

Best Quality

The MagicAWRT is made of the best materials and is working 100% accurate with your iDevices. You can be sure that there are no connectivity issues anymore like with other bad-quality adapters from competitors.
DFU Mode fully working!

Easy to use

All you need to do is opening the diagnostic port on your Watch
and connect the watch with
MagicAWRT to your mac.
Then you can restore the firmware or start a diagnosis of your watch with MagicClock* and MagicCFG Diagnostics*

*Only working on S1 - 3

UART Serial Support

MagicAWRT supports the UART Serial Protocol to communicate with your Watches.
This functionality is especially useful for debugging and crash logs, but also for a smooth interaction in Purple Mode. 
MagicCFG Diagnostics is working even better with it :)
A SPAM Adapter cable is required

Help to reduce e-waste

When using MagicAWRT to repair, restore or revive an Apple Watch, you are helping the environment and reduce the global amount of e-waste.
We are supporters of the #RightToRepair debate!
Reuse or repair instead of throw away and buy new!



If you have any questions about MagicAWRT or our corresponding software, feel free to contact us.
We will try to respond your request asap. Make sure to provide your MagicAWRT Serial Number in the request, so we can see find your prioritized message faster :)


ShenZaoKeji Ltd. is usually not selling MagicAWRT directly to customers. But there are multiple 3rd-party sellers where you can order our great adapter. Just search for MagicAWRT or write us over social media...

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