A tutorial

To be able to use the software support of your MagicAWRT for one year, we need some information from you.
This includes:
- The UUID of your Mac (a later change of the Mac is not possible or only possible in exceptional cases).
- The email address you used to register in MagicClock in advance.
- The serial number of your MagicAWRT to make sure your adapter is genuine.

First sign up to MagicClock in the app:

Enter a valid email address and set a password for your account.

Then Login into your freshly created account...

Your used email should show up here...

Enter your information on the homepage (
If the entered values are correct, we will send you the license key to activate your copy of MagicClock.
(If not, you might get a rejection.)

The license you can enter in the license-field in the activation screen, then click "Activate"!
Happy repairing :)